Finding the Luxurious Me

Finding the Luxurious Me

Just a few months ago, I was browsing instagram and came across Shannon Ables book, Choosing The Simply Luxurious Life. A modern woman’s guide, this book couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. As I am just getting started with this book, I’m realizing luxury is not defined by society and culture but by oneself. For me, enjoying a facial treatment, a fresh (at home) manicure/pedicure and a favorite chick-flick on a Sunday night is just what I need to feel pampered, refreshed and ready to start the new week. I find a bubble bath while surrounded by candles, soft music and my current book, a full-on pampering session.  It isn’t all name brands and being at the ‘IT’ place on a Friday night to show face but living a life that is most fulfilling for me.


At the very beginning of the book, the reader is challenged to define what a luxurious life would look like. Taking a few moments to mentally answer questions like: What Personal Rituals Do You Most Value & Enjoy? (see above) What Are Your Most Valued Relationships? (see previous post) What Types Of Exercise Do You Enjoy? (this will be a future post topic, if not blog series) The list goes on. So, instead of making a mental note of all my answers, I grabbed a journal and began jotting my notes down. I found that if I really gave myself time to think about the answers, I really don’t know how to answer most of them. It has been so long since I’ve invested any amount of time in ‘personal rituals’ that I don’t know what would even be categorized as one.

How do I find my personal rituals? My knee-jerk reaction is that I don’t have time for stuff like that. But, let’s be honest, we all have the time if we want to. If something is important enough to us, we’ll be sure to make the time and secure space in our planners for those most important items. I need to have a change of heart and of mind as I struggle to realize that I CAN and SHOULD take time for myself. One suggestion in the book was weekly coffee with a friend. As a mom, I struggle to see my weekly get-together with a friend as ‘me time’. Together, we have 7 kids and any given week, at least 5 of them are underfoot while we try to talk, connect, encourage each other and share our hearts together. I barely even recognize this time as a personal ritual. Wouldn’t a PERSONAL ritual be something like, instead of doing my own nails, setting aside the time and resources to go to the salon?

I was thinking about some pictures of me; pictures where I felt luxurious and alive. This particular picture, from 2013 was from my cousin’s wedding. He was married at the chapel on the Naval Academy and had a beautiful sunset cruise boat ride and one of the most enjoyable receptions I’ve ever attended.  Between the ceremony and the reception, my husband I and sneaked away to have some fun with the camera. Even two years later, I would love to relive this weekend, living a luxurious life, dressing in lovely clothes and having a wonderful time. So, for now, while I search for my luxurious me, I’ll hold to the knowledge that there is a space inside me that IS luxurious… I just need to find a way to tap back into that part of me and then hold on tight…

luxuriously me


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