Making Progress on my Bucket List

Number 8 on my Bucket List, Meet Shane & Shane.

Here’s how it happened. Tonight, my family traveled roughly an hour to ‘God’s Mountain’. It’s literally a field in the middle of corn fields. Teen Challenge has it’s training grounds there and tonight was their closing program including a graduation for several men who have accepted Christ’s gift of salvation and turned their lives around. As part of the closing program, TC had Shane & Shane as their music guests to lead worship.


While waiting for the ‘concert’ to start, one of my daughters needed to visit the port-a-john. Standing outside the mobile necessity, I looked at Alex who was pointing crazy at me to look just beyond where I was standing. The two singers were walking toward me!  My poor child didn’t have a chance. I walked over to the singers and informed them that I HAD to shake their hands and thank them for the way their music has influenced my life. Their unabashed love for God and NEED to worship has helped me hold onto faith and to stay strong in my walk when life was less than desirable.

Alex came over to say hello but didn’t bring the camera! WHAT?! Dear husband needed to run back to our picnic spot, grab the camera and snap a picture. There it is; proof that I can put a check mark next to #8!!

Shane and Shane meet July 25 2015

The Shane’s proceeded to come over and sit down for a bit right in front of us. My husband actually got up and went to talk with Shane Everett (middle) and seemed to have a really nice conversation. Not to be left out, my son went to join the men in their conversation.


Of course, the girls couldn’t be left out of the fun and so they all gathered around so I could take their picture with one of our families favorite musicians.


The time spent in worship was so moving. These two guys really have a grasp on putting all the glory and praise toward God and not themselves. My kids loved singing along and being front and center only made the experience all the more amazing for me. To stand and sing or be still and listen to the worship being lifted up around me, words can’t really describe it.



I can only wonder what I’ll be able to mark off my list next. For now though, I’m thrilled that this one happened!


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