Thoughts on a Luxurious Life

My mother always used to say that I am a ‘rich girl with a poor girls wallet’. I’ve always had taste for the finer things in life, the quality items with matching price tag over the less than refined pieces with a more obtainable price tag. I had this special talent of looking at a catalog and picking out what I loved the most from any 2-page spread only to find the price listed as the most expensive item available. Without a doubt, I knew quality just by looking.

For the longest time, I’ve struggled with the physical image I’ve presented to the world. I have this vision in mind and yet struggle to curate that image in the every day. I don’t want to look frumpy, my children to look un-kept or cared for. There is a level of physical appearance that I feel is respectable. I was once asked why this was so important to me and I think my answer surprised the one asking. My answer was, to me, simple. I felt it my social duty to present a certain level of personal care; to make sure I was not an eyesore in someone else’s world.

A part of The Simply Luxurious Life is creating a signature style. Not just a fashion statement but in the perfume worn, the mannerisms and lifestyle choices. After having children, I definitely lost myself in the mess of daily life. My youngest is 4 years old and I feel as though I never really found myself again. As for fashion, I know I like classic staples- cardigans and khaki’s, a strand of peals and ballet flats. I swoon for cable knit sweaters and boat neck tops; bootcut jeans and A-line skirts. I’m yet to find a brand that works well with my silhouette and so I digress. This year, I will attack my self loathing  attitude and embrace making a change. I’m  not going to allow this to continue. How can I?! If I can’t live the life I want to live- which includes dressing the way I feel most comfortable- than I must do something to change.  I hope that by this time next year, I will be able to say that I’ve made a significant change and am able to embrace my signature style. I’ve written about it in the past and now it’s time to actually do something about it.

To help get me one step closer to my luxurious life, I’ve joined a group of men and women in an exercise challenge. Starting January 16th, I’ll be challenging myself to exercise for 30 minutes every day while eating a clean diet that is catered to my caloric needs to help lose weight. I’ve participated in this type of group within the last 12 months but was struggling to see the results I was hoping for. The timing wasn’t right and my body was trying to tell me that. I have to first address some health concerns- get that moderately unnerving test done so I have the answers and can move on from there, and work with my body and not against it. Family life and personal life has offered more stress than I could really actually deal with and it certainly caught up with me. I’m eager to embrace a slower more purposeful life as we enter the new year.

A simple goal I have is to purchase my first pair of Tieks. They are raved as the most comfortable ballet flats you’ll ever own. They are classic yet on par for the current trends. They are quality and that is what I am aiming for from here on out.


As I welcome 2016, I look forward to embracing the life I’ve long for for so many years. I long to Be Still, to be present in the here and now (no more running from here to there and back again), a slower approach to the day that allows for quiet time, exercise time, time to enjoy the things I enjoy, finding my comfort in my home and my body.






Forty by FORTY Bucket List

“Every man dies- Not every man really lives”

William Ross

Not too long ago, I watched an Instagram user share 40 facts about herself, for the 40 days leading up to her 40th birthday. I thought it was such a neat idea, but I wanted to do a bit more. Instead of coming up with 40 facts about myself, I decided to create a bucket list. There are so many things, big and small, that I want to do and experience in this life that I figured I better write them down. Some items have already been completed and some I need to dedicate a lot more of myself in order to see them come to pass.  Here’s my list; I’ll begin with the ones I’ve already completed.


1. Own ‘Chucks’

 Bucket list own Chucks

my brother-in-law and his wife knew about this one and bought a pair as my Christmas (2014) gift!

2. Visit New England


My husband and I visited Chatem, MA for our 10th anniversary in June.

3. Own a Michael Korrs Purse

(see above picture, I’m carrying my new bag!)

4. Get a Tattoo

Tattoo semicolon

July 2, 2015 I walked into the tattoo parlor and got a semicolon tattoo on my left wrist. This will serve as a reminder of where I’ve come from and where I never want to go again. You can find out more about the symbolism of a semicolon <HERE>

5. Wear Thigh-Hi Stockings

(While shopping with a girlfriend, I saw a pair on clearance and snatched them up! How feminine and yet sadly, stockings seem to be such a long lost fashion trend.)

bucket list

Now, for the items that have not been completed yet. I’m optimistic about most but must admit, it seems like it would be wiser to change some of these to more obtainable goals. I’m not going to change the list, yet.

6. Visit Italy

7. Meet Josh Groban

8. Meet Shane & Shane

9. See Josh Groban in Concert

10. Play the Lottery

11. Host Thanksgiving at My House

12. Ride Airboard Across Florida Swamp

13. Enjoy the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington D.C.

14. Reach Goal Weight

15. Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride

16. Watch the Sunrise on the Beach

17. Plant a Tree

18. Get a Make Over (new hair style/color, new outfits, new make up)

19. Tour a Vineyard

20. Take Dance Lessons

21. Swim with Dolphins

22. Fly First Class

23. Shoot a Gun

24. Go to a Drive-In Movie Theater

25. Take a Dance Class with Alex

26. Ride a motorcycle

27. Celebrate New Years Eve in Times Square

28. Name a Star

29. See a Broadway Show

30. Sing Karaoke

31. See horses ‘released’ from Assateague Island

32. Attend the Kentucky Derby

33. Feed a Penguin

34. Shadow a Mortician at a Funeral Home

35. Tour the White House

36. Read Through the Bible

37. Recreate Prom for Alex and Me

38. Gamble in a Casino

39. Take an Art Class

40. Go Parasailing

So, you can see I have my work cut out for me. But I’m on my way having already completed five of my items. My birthday is in January, I’ll be turning 35. Although I have some time, I’m sure it will race by and I’ll be approaching my 40th birthday before I know it!

Hello world!

I’ve decided to go on a quest. Well, to be honest, life has decided that for me. Really, it’s not even one quest; it’s several all wrapped up into one: the quest to being the wife God longs for me to be, the mom that I always imagined I would be, the quest to mark off more items than not on my ’40 by 40′ bucket list. Quest after quest but the most important one, the one that drives all the others is the quest to find myself.

Tonight I met with my psychologist. We have had many amazing, enlightening conversations. She really hit the nail on the head when she noted that I really don’t know myself. After a moment of thought, I realized she’s right. I’ve spent so much time fretting about this and that, making sure everyone and everything around me is tended to that I’ve forgotten to tend to myself. My first quest, although overlapping others along the way, will be to dig deep and find myself.

Here’s the thing, I do know some of myself.

I’m a wife, for 10 years. I’m blessed to have found my other, better half. We’ve had our rougher patches but have always worked through them, together, knowing we would be better off for it.


I’m a mom. God has blessed me with four beautiful children, each uniquely their own person.


I’m a daughter. My Father lives 10 minutes up the road from me and we seldom see each other. My Mother passed away from breast cancer; July 20, 2014


 mothers day 2014

I’m a friend, a volunteer, a neighbor, dreamer, a planner, organizer and tidy-er. I’m goal driven and prefer a full calendar. I’m tough on the outside and soft on the inside. I hide my emotions as best as I can because anything else seems weak to me. I’m my own worst critic, I always expect more of myself and can’t seem to understand why I always seem to fall short of my ideals.

Only time will tell where this quest will take me. I have some ideas of where I’d like to end up; but I know that where the road leads, I’ll follow and work through the rough times, the difficulties that I’m sure will arise and that in the end, it will all work out for the best.